…let your geek flag fly

nerd emojiHappy Friday Eve, crusaders! Today, we celebrate, among other things, Embrace Your Geekness Day. And coincidentally it also happens to be Emmy Nomination Day!

Now, there was a time when “nerding out” about a television show may have been seen as a “geek” move, but I like to think that in this golden and enlightened age of television, we’ve moved beyond the closed-mindedness of such viewpoints, and perhaps stopped putting down enthusiasm rather than embracing and celebrating it.

Still, seeing as there may still be some out there who need to stop fighting it and embrace their geekness, I thought I’d take the opportunity to spread some enthusiasm for a few of this year’s nominated shows.

First up, the absolutely brilliant, “Genius,” which we’ve nerded out over on here before, but enthusiasm bears repeating. And if our recommendation wasn’t enough, perhaps its 10 Emmy nods will convince you. That includes one for Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein, but oddly enough not one for Johnny Flynn, who played younger Albert. But today is not about snubs, so I’ll just share this video, which features both of them and let you decide.

Next, a giant, glass remote shattering moment for women in late night with “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” which racked up three nominations this morning — one for best Variety Talk Series and two for writing. In an otherwise brilliant (albeit very white and male) category, it’ll be fascinating to see what happens come award night. (Two guesses who I’m rooting for.)

Next, another funny female who got some continued Emmy love, a 2WC favorite, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” This wonderfully joyous series, now in its third season continues to inspire.

And while we’re on a roll with the lol ladies, how about a moment for the ladies of “Saturday Night Live,” which received supporting actress nods for Vanessa Bayer, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. The show also topped the totals list with 22 nominations overall (including Mr. Baldwin, of course, and Ms. McCarthy…although not as Spicer, but as a host).

And of course there will be plenty more where this came from as we count down to the Emmys later this summer. So brace yourself for more unbridled enthusiasm and plenty of geekness.

…bi-daily smile…

Is there a category for classiest correction ever?

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  1. originalomc says:

    and a thank you to Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny for making nerds cool…


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