…shine on

Happy Summer Solstice Eve, crusaders! Whereas we marked the unofficial, but widely celebrated start of summer on Memorial Day, this week we mark the actual start of summer.

And if that’s not enough motivation to get you moving this Monday then I have good news, I brought more.

But this isn’t just any Monday Motivation. This isn’t a seven-day bit of inspiration. No, you’re getting enough for the whole season ahead. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be sun-spired…

To be clear, sun-spiration is a metaphor/play on words. Please wear your sunscreen.

And with that PSA out of the way, on to sun-spiration.

First, an anthem for the month at hand.

And a song for the season (literally)…

A quick reminder to keep cool (and hydrated)…

And let’s end with some tunes for all seasons…


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