…bring down the curtain

This Tuesday Motivation is brought to you by…

I know, I know, the Tonys were two days ago, and it’s time to move on from our week of theater, but before I do, I need to take a moment for some regional theater love and this, the wonderful season we all know as summer stock, so bear with me.

What’s summer stock, you ask? Well, for one thing, it’s one of my favorite Judy Garland (and Gene Kelly) movies, featuring one of the most epic tap scenes ever danced, and also the best musical tractor number of all time.

But it’s also that magical summer season for repertory and regional theater companies. For anyone who grew up in or near the city of St. Louis, it’s the Muny season. “America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical

“America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre” is synonymous with summer in St. Louis (along with a certain rouge-hued sporting team) and incredibly responsible for my early musical theater education.

Yesterday they kicked off their 99th season and I share this not just to encourage you to visit the Muny (because it’s amazing and magical) but to encourage you to discover your town’s “Muny.” You have one. I promise. And it too is amazing and magical.

So go find it and support it, because theater, especially local theater matters, it has the power to change lives, minds, and hearts.

And now, for your viewing enjoyment and theatrical support motivation…

…bi-daily smile…

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