…Go On With the Show

Happy Monday! Sorry, if that’s too much enthusiasm. I’m still coming down off of a Tony Awards high.

For those of you who chose the Stanley Cup (congrats, Penguins!) or other Sunday evening entertainment over the step-ball-change of Broadway, you missed some great performances but very few upsets. As expected, “Dear Evan Hansen,” did quite well. While not everyone got to use their acceptance speech, the night as a whole served as a reminder that the creative spirit is alive and well on Broadway.

Whether last night’s results have put some pep in your step, or you’re singing the Broadway blues this Monday, I’ve got the perfect Musical Monday Motivation cure. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some toe-tapping Tony Awards’ inspiration.

First, some helpful financial advice courtesy of  “Hello, Dolly!”

Next, a little introspective thought and a lot of fun from Tolstoy’s Russia.

And finally, I give you the Rockettes, a performance by two of Broadway’s brightest stars, and a reminder that sometimes hard work, determination and a ton of talent is rewarded.

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  1. originalomc says:

    I am not a major Tony Awards fan, but I admire and enjoy the passion of those who are – thank you, Crusaders…


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