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This week, the long anticipated “Wonder Woman,” film finally has its premiere. In honor of all the woman-power that’s about to hit the summer blockbuster scene I thought I’d combine What to Watch Wednesday and Woman Crush Wednesday into “Can’t Wait to Watch ‘Wonder Woman’ Crush the Summer Box Office Wednesday.”

I know it’s a mouthful, but I think it works. After all, what is Wonder Woman about if not combining forces for the greater good.There’s been a lot of buzz around this lady-led film. From the early days when everyone had an opinion on whether its star was the right shape, to the encouraging release of early reviews, up until the most recent “outrage” over a women-only screening, it’s been an eventful journey.

Just for the record, gentlemen, you’re welcome to continue reading this post…but first a quick(ish) word of advice. You really don’t want to get into a battle about feeling excluded with a group of women. Just walk away, and enjoy one of the many, many movie times that you are welcome to attend.

Wonder Woman represents many things to many different people. For millions of girls and women who have flocked to superhero flick after superhero flick, finally seeing a woman-led movie included in the endless parade of testosterone fueled blockbusters…well, it’s a big moment. And storytelling aside, it’s another opportunity to prove to Hollywood that there’s an audience for movies starring and directed by women.

Yes, that’s right. In case you missed it amidst the noise about men being excluded (yes, I am bringing it up again) and Gal Gadot being too skinny (there’s no winning), “Wonder Woman,” is a glass-ceiling-shattering moment for female directors. Patty Jenkins, the woman behind the camera, is officially the first woman to direct a big-budget superhero movie. I know, a woman directing a story about a woman, what a novel idea.

In short, there’s a lot riding on this film starring a seriously badass woman. Will it forever change the landscape of summer cinemas? We’ll see, but for now it at least appears to have obtained something that alluded recent DC Comic films — the approval of critics and audiences.

More on the Story: Washington Post

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