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A long time ago, but also not so long ago…it really depends on how you look at it…40 years ago in this galaxy, an unlikely hero, an asthmatic astronaut, a space cowboy, a space bear(?), and a princess with an iconic hairdo took over the multiplexes of the world.

If you followed that, then you probably already know what today is, but for the rest of you — it’s the 40th anniversary of “Star Wars.”

Since its release, the Star Wars universe has had its ups and downs (but mostly ups). Through it all fans have remained loyal and eternally hopeful…if a little snarky at times (yousa know dat’s da truth, Jar Jar Binks).

Even if you can’t tell a Wookiee from an Ewok, it’s clear that Star Wars not only changed the face of nerd culture, it created the modern, mainstream fan-boy and fan-girl world we all know and love.

There was nothing new about Star Wars. It tells a story of a boy of humble birth who turns out to be more than what he seems. It’s been told a million times, but with Star Wars, this timeless tales was taken to epic and intergalactic heights with new, but familiar characters. It captured the viewing public’s imagination, and it hasn’t let go for 40 years.

While the stories have changed over the years, as has the (sometimes questionable) special effects (practical effects are sometimes best, Mr. Lucas), what hasn’t changed is the heart Star Wars — a good story. While we can’t tell what the future will hold, for now Star Wars’ ability to spin a captivating tale remains strong. Here’s to another 40 years.

More on the Story: Vanity Fair

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    and still I sit here, 40 years hence, and can not claim to be a fan… I’ve just never been attracted to the story even though I am a huge Star Trek, Guardians, Marvel, Superman, Batman, etc. fan…


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