…take the stage



As a fan of both the stage and the small screen, I’m a fan of anything that combines the two and as you may have noticed, the trend of live theatrical performance in television has sort of caught on. What started as an annual Twitter snark-fest…I mean treasured holiday tradition…with NBC’s annual live musicals has now expanded to something of a trend as FOX joined the party with “Grease Live,” an Easter special, “The Passion,” and I’ll even count its less-than-live remake of “Rocky Horror.”

Now everyone is upping their game and there are more live and quasi-live theatrical televised events to keep track of than ever before. So, in today’s very special Theater (on television) Thursday, let’s all take a moment to catch-up and anticipate…

So without further ado, here they are in order of forecasted air date (where available), here’s everything we have to look forward to, crusaders…

The Little Mermaid

This one is ABC’s twist on the trend with a hybrid telecast of the classic film smooshed together with live concert performances. The whole affair will be a part of the re-introduction of “The Wonderful World of Disney” on October 3, 2017, and I cannot wait to see what this actually will be…and whether or not we’ll get a tease or two from the live-action version that’s on its way.

Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE!

Bet you can guess when this one’s airing… Yes, it’s an Easter special that is a super-religious choice in my mind, but I’m sure will be a hit nonetheless.

Bye Bye Birdie

This updated throwback will fill the traditional December slot we’ve come expect from live musicals on NBC and with J. Lo already pegged to play Rosie, it’s off to a pretty solid start.

Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men LIVE!

Okay, the exclamation point was added by me, but it just feels right. This one is currently listed as “coming soon.” And to answer your questions: “No, it’s not a musical.” and “It was a play first.” This one should be interesting…and I can only imagine, very, very good.

Rent: Live!

Once you’ve recovered from the incredible joy, mark this one down as another TBD. It’s happening, but the when of it all is anyone’s guess. FOX set its own bar very high with its “Grease: Live!” so, I for one will have the highest of expectations for this follow-up.


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