…keep your eye on the prize


Today, crusaders, we’ve once again arrived at the most exciting two minutes in sports, as yet another Kentucky Derby takes off at Churchill Downs.

In these final hours before the horses take to the track, final preparations are being made, hats placed (as well as bets), juleps are at the ready, and we’re headed into the final stretch before the kickoff of the 2017 Triple Crown.

But what about the horses? According to those who pay attention to such things, this year’s field is wide open with no clear favorite, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found mine. Meet Patch, who is coincidentally the only horse any of the experts are willing to say won’t win, and to them, I echo Patch’s own sentiments:

Yes, among this year’s field, of which no one’s seeing a clear contender, is Patch, a half-blind horse (whose name has nothing to do with his missing left eye).

He’s being hailed as a “lovable underdog,” and really, how can you not root for this unlikely competitor?

Sure, he’s on the outside of the pack, but with no left eye, he won’t be distracted by his competitors but focused solely on the track ahead.

And really, whether he crosses that finish line first or not, he’s likely to end today with more fans than all the other horses (who I’m sure are also lovely) combined.

So here’s to Patch, and his incredible persistence and focus as he runs for the roses, may we all be so determined.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    Go, Patch!!! Pay no attention to the horse on your left…if we can’t see him, he’s not there…


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