…reach for the stars

This Monday, we find ourselves once again on the edge of a whole week of possibility, crusaders.

And today, fresh off a weekend full of Earth Day and marches for science, I can think of no great inspiration than astronaut Peggy Whitson who today set a new record for cumulative time in space by a U.S. astronaut with 534 days (and counting). #CongratsPeggy

If this incredible reminder of what humans can achieve isn’t enough to inspire your week, then I don’t know what to say to you…

What’s not inspiring about the genius, innovation, and imagination that it took to get to space?

And who knows where it’ll take us next? Seriously, anyone?

But seriously, our accomplishments in the¬†exploration of space are perhaps the best example of what can happen when we work together towards a common cause, and it’s truly inspiring…

Now go out there, dream big, make good choices, and be your awesome selves!

…bi-daily smile…

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