…take it off the shelf


This Flick Friday, we’re wrapping up National Library Week, so, of course, that means it’s time to give a nod to some of cinema’s greatest collections of literature in a very special Flick Friday presents: Libraries of the Silverscreen.

To the film…

I’ll start with a millennial favorite and obvious choice, “Beauty and the Beast.”


And now again with Hermione…

Speaking of Hermione, while the HP titular character was rarely seen in the library when he wasn’t sneaking in there via invisibility cloak…

or dragged there by Ms. Granger…

…the Hogwarts hall of tomes is the stuff of magical legend.

But magical libraries aren’t just for Disney heroines and brainy witches (or movies), as evidenced by Sam of “Game of Thrones” and his Belle moment.

I mean seriously, this is one hell of a library…

And guess what? It doesn’t take perilously large shelves of books with enchanting ladders to make a library magic. (Wait for it…here’s your Hallmark moment.) All it takes is you, and a good book. I only hope this National Library Week inspires you to visit your local book nook and find your next adventure.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    do not mess with the keeper of the books…


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