…Play The Fool


Happy April Fools’ Day! This holiday beloved by pranksters and those with a sense of humor has come a long way from its humble beginnings of personal practical jokes.

Today, everyone is getting in on the jokes, at least when it comes to the corporate world. If you’re not familiar with the April Fools’ corporate take over by many a company looking to top their previous year’s pranks, I’ve got some bad news.

Google Gnome, the kind of creepy garden helper that helps you with all your outdoor with a side of sass and harsh truth, it’s not real (yet).

And Amazon Echo’s new pet add-on Petlexa…well, let’s just say Fido won’t be ordering his own kibble any time soon.

There is some good news though. That awesome pink T-Mobile ONEsie, is realish…minus the connectivity couture features.

There’s plenty more where these came from, but you’ll have to separate the fools from the facts on your own. With the blurred line between facts and alternative facts, it’s harder than you might think. Happy fact hunting, and happy April Fools’!


…just for fun:

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