…color your world


It’s a sad day for color lovers. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the news that one of our beloved Crayola 24 Pack is leaving us.

I only hope you don’t find special joy in adding extra luster to your illustrations of pots of gold, rubber duckies, rain slickers, or ears of corn, because Dandelion is getting the (no longer golden-yellow) boot. Happy National Crayon Day!

It may seem like an odd way for the premiere crayon company to celebrate the day (not to mention a slap in the face of today’s other obscure holiday #NationalKindnessDay), but Crayola is trying to soften the blow by giving us a new color.

Drumroll, please…


Some kind of blue.

That’s right, you have to wait…and they’d like us to name it for them too.

Really, Crayola? You have nearly literally taken us from Joy…


…to Sadness…


…and don’t you dare point out Joy’s blue hair, we’re mad at you….


If your April Fools’ Day senses are tingling, you’re not alone. But after what Crayola has put us through, it’s going to take…oh who are we kidding. If it took this trauma to meet Dandy, we’re cool.

…bi-daily smile…


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