…Keep It Clean

Today was not a great day for anyone who’s a fan of Earth. Which frankly, we should all be fans since it’s currently our only option planet-wise.

Today we took a step backwards when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. I won’t name names as to who decided they knew better than nearly every single scientist studying climate change…but I will provide a link below.

Instead of boring you with things like facts, I thought I’d try a different approach.

For those of you who understand the serious threat that is climate change, take your mind off of today’s upsetting news with this adorable panda video.

For those who think climate change is a hoax, or think you know better than those who have dedicated their lives to studying climate change, enjoy this video of two of the innocent victims of climate change.

More on the story: Politico

…just for fun:

More pandas…

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