…send in the hounds

giphy21Crusaders, although it may be sacrilege to say, I know sometimes the random holidays can be a bit much. Sometimes, though, those random “National Holidays” can be right on the nose. And today that nose is tiny and adorable. Yes, the universe has thrown us a bone…and that bone is National Puppy Day!

Because sometimes the only cure is an endless parade of cuteness, let the puppy procession begin!


I mean come on. I don’t care how rough your day was. That’s gotta make you smile.


And I know what you’re thinking. Stephanie, that is a full-grown dog jumping for cookies. Well on National Puppy Day, puppies know no age.


Just roll with it…


Now brace yourself for one last barrage of adorable to get you through to the weekend. On your mark, get set, awwww…




Onward to the weekend!


…bi-daily smile…

More puppies! …and definitely not a kitten in a puppy costume.

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    in other news, that cat ate that adorable little, obnoxious puppy…


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