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 disney beauty and the beast lumiere cogsworth GIFWell, it’s here…nearly. There’s only one more sleep until Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” hits theaters. Which means we only have a few more hours to enjoy the anticipation.

In these final few hours, it’s important to stay calm. Nothing ruins a perfectly good movie like over-the-top expectations. For those who love the original Disney classic, it will be hard to hold a candle to the original. So, to help you get ready for tomorrow, I thought I’d remind us all that no film is perfect by listing some of my favorite “Beauty and the Beast” plot holes.

First, there’s the fact that the Prince’s entire household is turned into objects while he at least is still able to do things like reach door handles and wear clothing. Which makes you wonder who is really being punished by this curse.

 disney snow winter beauty and the beast blizzard GIF

And why is Chip the only cup that’s allowed out of the cupboard? Are all the tea cups Mrs. Potts’ children? What did they do to deserve to be cursed too? Where is Mr. Potts?

 disney beauty and the beast the beauty and the beast la bella y la bestia GIF

Where does all the food come from? Is the chef/stove making the food orders? Who delivers the food, and aren’t they curious why they haven’t seen a single human at the castle for 10 years?

 disney food cooking fat yum GIF

How do Gaston and the angry mob find the castle so quickly? The villagers seem blissfully unaware that the local prince exists let alone has been missing for 10 years, yet they know exactly which way to head with their torches and pitchforks?

 nobody gaston GIF

And I think I’ve made my point. The original film is by no means perfect, but that doesn’t mean we love it any less. In fact, it’s the little quirks and hiccups that make it even more endearing. So, enjoy these final moments of excitement, but just remember to check your expectations at the door and enjoy the ride…and check back in tomorrow for Stephanie’s review. See you on the other side.

…just for fun:


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  1. originalomc says:

    I’ve always assumed Mr. Potts was purchased in a garage sale…


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