…pop to it


Fresh off of an eventful and inspiring International Women’s Day, I’m bringing things back to food. Why? Sometimes the universe just hands you a theme and you have to run with it.

So, this Thursday I wish you a very Happy Popcorn Lovers Day!

For those unfamiliar with the holiday, it’s celebrated on the second Thursday of March, but “Scandal” lovers know that every Thursday is Popcorn Lovers Day.


The true beauty of popcorn lies in its simplicity. It’s at the bottom of the kitchen skill-level totem pole (an official culinary term) especially when there’s a microwave involved.


I am not saying it’s impossible to screw up, but it takes commitment.


Plus, maybe it’s the movie lover in me…


…but I find it impossible not to be happy when O have popcorn.


Sure you can try…


I’ll wait…


Give it your all…


Now, just give into the joy. Enjoy the popcorn and Popcorn Lovers Day!


…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    who knew popcorn existed before the microwave??? oh, those hardy pioneers…


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