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2wc-film crusadeHappy Flick Friday! As we continue our march towards Oscar Sunday, we’re starting to get into crunch time for those trying to knock out all the Best Picture nominees before the awards.

Seeing as this is one of only two full weekends left to take in the flicks, I’ll be giving you three recommendations for this weekend. Better three movies in one weekend then five or six. I know it’s a bit much, but you’ll thank me when you still have feeling in your lower extremities come Oscar Sunday.

First up, there’s August Wilson’s “Fences.” The film stars Viola Davis and Denzel Washington, so you know you’re in for a master class in acting. Wilson has a knack for taking the everyday monotony and struggle of the African-American experience and turning it into a work of art. There’s something beautiful about a well told story about a simple life and all its struggles, and that’s exactly what “Fences” is. It’s not always easy to watch, but its worth the struggle.

Next up is one of this seasons true triumphs. Based on the true story of the African American women who helped put our first astronauts into space, “Hidden Figures,” is truly an inspiration. The story feels a little glossed over and embellished at times, but it’s beautifully acted, and will leave you feeling slightly more hopeful about humanity when you leave the theater.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a theme to this weeks films. These three all feature casts that are almost entirely made up of black actors. They tell stories that were hidden, forgotten, or passed over. They also make up a third of this year’s Best Picture nominees, which given the trend up until recently is a huge step in the right direction.

On that note, I’ll leave you with the trailer for this weeks final suggestion, “Moonlight.” This powerful coming of age story follows a black boy from boyhood to early manhood. It faces stereotypes head on and tells this story with exceptional acting, directing and cinematography. It’s also the film that’s most likely to beat “La La Land” for Best Picture, and worth seeing in theaters.

…just for fun:

Some slightly lighter fare before you dive into your Oscar viewing…

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  1. originalomc says:

    so, to be clear, Lego Batman is NOT up for best picture???


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