…Ad Value


Happy Super Bowl Eve! Tomorrow we observe that American past time of watching individuals of great athletic ability compete while we consume our bodyweight in dips, wings, and beer.

Of course, we all know that tomorrow isn’t really about the food or the football. It’s about the commercials.These mini movies warm our hearts, make us laugh, sometimes make a statement, and try to sell us everything from beer to web domains.

In the past we’ve had to wait till game time to see what this year was offering, but thanks to the Internet we now get a sneak peek of what game night will bring. For those who like to be surprised, consider this your official SPOILER ALERT!!!

For those who stuck around, here’s the cutest, funniest, and most almost unintentionally political ads so far.

First, the cutest…

Next, the funniest…

And finally, the biggest political statement…


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  1. originalomc says:

    not sure AB meant it as a political statement, but it did work out that way…inconvenient little truth for the “America’s Firsters” – we’re pretty much all immigrants at some point in the family tree…


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