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Happy Golden Globes Sunday!

This year we’re mixing things up a bit, and starting with a laugh. One, because we never quite understood why Drama is always listed first. It’s no more important or beloved. Two, because now, more than ever, we need to remember to laugh—at ourselves more than anything, but most of all remember to see the humor.

So, without further ado, here are our 2017 Golden Globe picks…here’s to a wonderful, fun evening.

Comedy or Musical

Best Motion Picture

Zer: “La La Land” — I love me a good musical, and “La La Land” is a good musical. While the silver screen has seen plenty of musicals in the last few years, “La La Land” is the first truly original movie musical in a while…meaning it was written for the screen, not the stage. It captures the old Hollywood charm of musical movies starring greats like Kelly, Rogers, Astaire, and Crosby, but it also updates it for a modern audience.

Stephanie: “La La Land”— I’ve seen all, but one of these (to be fair “20th Century Women” has not been widely released yet), and they’re all wonderful movies, but this musical love letter to Hollywood is charming in every way, and will likely take home this top honor. While we’re on the topic though, I’d like to highly recommend “Sing Street,” which is a charming little musical from the director of “Once.”

Best Television Series

Zer: “Atlanta” — I haven’t seen this one, but it’s the only new comedy in the category which sets it apart and gives it a definite edge. Although, I would be okay if “Black-ish” managed an upset. They’ve managed to be funny and relevant from the very beginning. It would be nice to see that rewarded.

Stephanie: “Black-ish” — Let’s give one to the networks guys, especially for a charming, timely, touching, truly funny show like “Black-ish.” In truth, “Atlanta” is the favorite here, but I have to vote for the show that’s now in its third season.


Best Motion Picture

Zer: “Moonlight” — I’ll save my comments about the incredible gender bias in this category for another day, and instead point out that I’m going against most opinions in this category. “Manchester By the Sea,” is supposed to win this category, and probably will. I don’t think it should. “Moonlight,” is a serious underdog. It’s a story that usually doesn’t catch the notice of the award season judges, the fact that it did tells you how powerful it is.

Stephanie: “Moonlight” — Full disclosure: I have not seen any of these movies. The overwhelming favorite is “Manchester By the Sea,” which I’m told is great, but also an emotional, cinematic punch to the gut. So I’m going with “Moonlight,” which is also apparently brought to you by Kleenex, but it’s one of those years, I have to pull for the underdog.

Best Television Series

Zer: “The Crown” — I want “The Crown” to win, but I also think “Game of Thrones” will win. HBO combined with a serious budget and fan base, and the fact that they won last year make “Thrones” an all but guaranteed winner tonight.

Stephanie: “The Crown” — In all honesty, “Stranger Things” or “Westworld” would be stronger picks here, but that’s how much I love this show. Perfect record be damned, if you haven’t watched this show yet, I highly recommend it for pre-Globe viewing. The Globe’s also nailed the nomination of Claire Foy as the Queen and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. They’re magnificent, the show is magnificent. Well done.


Best Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Zer: “The Night Manager” — To be completely honest, I’m not that confident in this pick. “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” has a lot of buzz and is the favorite to win. I think it’s hard to call it a sure winner when it’s up against a thriller like “The Night Manager,” that stars Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. Of course, I also wouldn’t count out “The Dresser” which stars Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Stephanie: “The Night Manager” — Truth time. I started watching this show purely because of Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston, but while it began with my love of Dr. House and Loki, it’s an incredible bit of storytelling that stand so strongly on its own. It’s a great mini-series, worth watching.

Best Animated Feature Film

Zer: Moana” — Believe it or not, this is a tough one. There are a lot of good animated films this year. From a technical and storytelling perspective, “Kubo and the Two Strings,” could totally steal this one. At the same time, it’s hard to beat a good Disney princess movie, and “Moana” is a great Disney not-technically-a-princess movie. We shall see, but my gut says the Mouse takes this one home.

Stephanie: “Moana” — This category was the most difficult decision this year. I’ve seen all but two, and they are all fantastic, but I had to go with the “not a princess.” This isn’t just a good Disney movie, it’s a fantastic film. The same can be said of “Zootopia” and “Kubo and the Two Strings” and I’m sure the two I have not seen as well. It was a fantastic year for animation.

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