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Scrambled Television Screen

We’re four days into the new year, a time for new routines, new resolutions, and new shows!!! This first What to Watch Wednesday, I’m here to help you out with one of them…

Guess which one?

Okay, technically it’s two, assuming that your routine includes a television show or 12.

Of course, we all have our favorites returning from their brief winter hibernations with new episodes. But today I thought I’d look ahead to the truly untested. So here are the TV trailers that have me the most excited for 2017 brand spanking new television.


“Legion” (FX)

I just have one thing to say here: X-Men.

“Powerless” (NBC)

Okay, there’s not actually a trailer out for this new NBC show yet, but it’s DC…and while they’re still sorting out that whole movie thing. They pretty much rock at television adaptations. So I’m in. Find the details here.

“Time After Time” (ABC)

Dear, American Television,

I believe that one day, you will make a truly great show about time travel. Until you figure it out, I will give absolutely every attempt at it at least a three episode shot. Godspeed “Time After Time.”

“Bill Nye Saves the World” (Netflix)

If you were an elementary grade student anywhere near the nineties this requires no explanation…and the world has never needed it more.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    Bill Nye??? ‘Nuff said…


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