…steel your resolve


Another year, another Monday, another chance to get yourself motivated for the year ahead…

For many, today is one last day of rest before returning to the normal routine and really getting this year going. So, I’ll forgive you if you haven’t quite firmed up those new year’s resolutions yet…but you’re seriously running out of time. So, I thought I’d give you a hand.

Of course, there are the traditional resolutions—eat better, work out more, spend less, read more—but we’re coming off of a less than traditional year, and headed into another that is promising to be even less orthodox. So let’s think outside of the box a bit on these year-long pledges.

Following a year that highlighted the deep division that still plagues our world, let’s resolve to listen. I mean really listen, not just gloss over a few headlines from columnists and publications you don’t usually agree with, but really making an effort to understand and engage. Whether they’re built with bricks or curation algorithms, walls never solved any problems.

And that brings me to another goal for the year—Experience. There are plenty of millennial traits to complain about (we could cut back on the selfies), but we have our charms too, and our love of experiences over possessions is one of them. So go out and experience, travel, learn a new skill, try new food, you can thank the millennials later.

Finally, why not resolve to enjoy yourself in 2017. “Grown-ups” let’s abolish that term in 2017 and stop treating fun like a four-letter word. There’s a time and a place for seriousness, but don’t let that get in the way of joy.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    When we look back on life, it is not at things and stuff but memories of experiences – work on accumulating those, not toys…


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