…Let It Snow

SnowHappy Sunday Funday! It’s unofficially winter here at the 2WC, and we’re having a Sunday Funday snow day…which is just like a regular Sunday Funday, but with fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and cookies (fyi – it’s also National Cookie Day).

Before we dive head first into mindless, warm and cozy entertainment, I’d like to officially remind you that there are only three weeks till Christmas.

Yes, that’s right. You have less than 21 days to shop, ship, and gift wrap all your holiday gifts. You also have under 21 days to measure, mix, bake, test, and ice all your fabulous holiday cookie (did I mention it’s National Cookie Day…).

Now that you’ve been officially reminded, sit back and enjoy these last few moments of relaxation before the final push towards Christmas begins…

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  1. 21 days until Christmas, 24 beers in a case – coincidence???

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