…be merry and bright

christmasIt’s here, Crusaders! We made it to December. The time of the year when, as Zer so aptly stated in yesterday’s post, “your anti-holiday spirit will be ignored or judged.” So in that spirit, I thought I’d share some stories of Christmas heroes. Prepare to be delighted and inspired…

First, the tale of the merry beaver. There are many things we humans take for granted that are particularly highlighted during the holiday season. You know, those simple things, like picking out the perfect Christmas tree, free from interference from the police. This jolly little semi-aquatic rodent didn’t let conventional store hours get between him and his holiday plans…unfortunately Animal Control took issue. Just another example of the man blocking the beaver from his tree selection. Rock on you merry cousin of the muskrat…rock on.

And now, the tale of the flaming Christmas goat.


In the town of Gavle, Sweden, the Christmas goat is something of a tradition. Each year, the town builds a giant goat out of straw as part of its Advent celebrations. This year is the goat’s 50th anniversary, and the 35th time it’s been willfully destroyed. Yep, out of its 50-year history, it’s survived 15 times. It’s been burned, demoed, and stolen (really). At this point, maiming the goat is as much a part of its history as the goat itself. And in honor of this special anniversary, this year’s vandals set the record for the fastest destruction and managed to burn it down less than 24 hours after it was built.

The good news? Because it happened so quickly, there might be time for a second goat this year. Bring it on, Swedish arsonists. Bring it on.

I hope these tales have kindled the Christmas spirit in your heart, now go forth, and be like the beaver (maybe not so much like the goat)…

More on the goat: Swedish Revelers Get Their Goat — Again — As Holiday Tradition Meets Annual Arson (NPR)

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    Trump tweeted – “when I’m President, the beavers will be free of this needless regulation and harassment from government officials. Beavers will be free to choose the tree of their choice, and they will be free to build dams – HUUUUUUUUUGE dams…”


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