…Take Off

ChristmasThanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror, which means Christmas is on its way. With December 1st less than 24 hours away, you only have a few more hours before the holiday music onslaught begins.

While some of us start listening to the songs of the season on 11/1 (guilty), I understand that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for “Silver Bells”, “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” and “White Christmas.” However, my understanding disappears on 12/1 through 12/25.

That means these are your final hours to unload any Grinchy or Scrooge-ish thoughts you might have about beloved holiday songs. Starting tomorrow, your anti-holiday spirit will be ignored or judged.

For now, I’m here to help. Here are a few tunes, with varying degrees of Christmas in them, to help get any last-minute complaints out of your system.


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  1. we could all use a little schmaltz right about now…

  2. You have lit a flame under my Christmas Spirit!

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