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Happy Cyber Monday, and welcome back to reality (or whatever it is we’re calling this strange, post-election universe).

In case you didn’t complete all your holiday shopping on Black Friday, or if you just need some additional retail therapy, today gives you one last chance to get some deals and skip the lines. Dedicated to online shopping, Cyber Monday is like Black Friday for those who prefer to do their shopping in private.

While online shopping has its perks like no lines, and home delivery, it also comes with its flaws.

The Internet can be a very distracting place. For example, one second you might be reading about Cyber Monday, and then next thing you know you find yourself wondering what’s going on with that whole mess over vote recounts, which leads you to your news site of choice. From there you might start wondering if certain individuals have made any more recent baseless claims and decided to shout them into the interwebs. That would of course lead you to check Twitter, which could spiral into a rage-fueled reading of countless, ill-advised tweets and twits…and I think I’ve made my point.

You might be better off going to the store where the worst distractions are over-eager salespeople and sparkly holiday decorations.

Happy shopping!

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  1. originalomc says:

    human interaction is not always a bad thing…


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