…turn the page

blur-old-antique-bookI don’t know about you all, but as we make our way through these final days of the election cycle, I could use a good old-fashioned book (amongst other things). So how fortunate is it that today is Book Lovers Day?

For those wondering if we just celebrated Book Lovers Day? (Way to pay attention!) Yes. August 9 was also Book Lovers Day. But who’s counting?

With just 3 days until Election Day (figure out your voting plan NOW!), we’ve all heard our fair share of stories over this long campaign season (some true, some not, and some brought to you by Macedonia), so there’s something particularly comforting in picking up a book and knowing what you’re getting.

So today, pick up a book and read a story. Learn new things, expand your horizons, and give your poor, poor brain a breather that will better it before we head into these final few days.

…bi-daily smile…

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