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starbucks-green-cupHappy Holiday Cup Season!

Yes, with Halloween now two days behind us, it’s time to have the holidays shoved in our faces and down our throats. Which sounds like a welcome distraction from the nearly over election.

It also means that Starbucks unveiled their 2016 holiday cup yesterday. They’ve become the official herald of the commercial holiday season. It’s also become a tradition for the Starbucks “faithful” to take to their Twitter accounts to publicly share their disapproval of the holiday design.

This years cup was no exception. This year’s cup makes last year’s lack of snowflakes and woodland creatures a fond, distant memory. At least it had the appropriate holiday colors…which is red…in case you were wondering.

This year’s cup sports a plain green background with a single white spot where the Starbucks’ logo would usually be. This simple design is covered in a lacy illustration of people ranging from customers to farmers to baristas, but not an elf or Santa in sight.

It’s almost as if Starbucks is trying to suggest that the holidays are about something other than peppermint lattes wrapped in a cup covered in red, ribbons, and reindeer. It seems like they might even be implying that people are what make the holidays special. Although, if that were true, it sure would make the #WarOnChristmas crowd look silly…

More on the Story: NBC News

…just for fun:

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