…Loop Back

Today, we say goodbye to the once beloved social sharing platform–Vine. Twitter announced today that the social site is getting the axe, and being sent off to the proverbial great social media paradise in the sky.

Once the hottest video social platform out there, Vine taught us all just how much you could accomplish (or not accomplish) in 6 seconds. Today’s announcement has been met with what one would expect from the internet, a whole lot of “best” Vine clips.

So, not wanting to let Vine go with out a proper 2WC sendoff, here are some of the “best” or at least the cutest ones I could find in the jungle of Vine videos…RIP, Vine…

More on the Story: NY Times

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    RIP, Vine…six seconds of sheer joy…


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