mondaysCongratulations! You’ve made it through another Monday!

If that statement isn’t quite true (yet), sorry, and get back to work. For the rest of us, we’re officially one day closer to Friday.

Unfortunately, we’re also one day closer to Wednesday’s presidential debate. Of  course, I use the term “debate” lightly. If the third follows the same trajectory of the first two I assume that it will dissolve into name-calling and literal mud-slinging by the halfway point…you may find yourself looking back fondly at Monday…

For now, we still have just over two days between us and Wednesday evening’s match…I mean debate. And while we’ll all dutifully tune in to watch the debate, even though a root canal sounds more pleasant, for now we deserve a break, or at least some motivation to get you through to Wednesday. I’m assuming the white-hot rage will be enough to carry you through to Friday.

But for now, here’s some Monday motivation…

First, a reminder that while our nation’s future may hang in the balance, at least we’ll finally find out who bit it on “The Walking Dead,” this Sunday…

Also, there is a light over at the Frankenstein place and after the debate on Wednesday. Thursday we get to do the Time Warp again!

And last, but not least, I had to include at least one reminder that you really should tune in on Wednesday.



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  1. originalomc says:

    I do have a dental appointment on Wednesday…

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