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televisionIn one week, we’ll endure the final installment in the 2016 trilogy of U.S. Presidential Debates. Will it be “The Godfather: Part III” or the “Toy Story 3” of debates? We shall see, but for now, such questions can wait. Today, let’s take a bit of a respite… 

…and talk television! It is What to Watch Wednesday after all. So, I’m going to take a political breather, and for some of my favorite distractions of the moment.

It is What to Watch Wednesday after all. So, I’m going to take a political breather for some of my favorite new distractions of the moment.

Regular readers are most likely familiar with the 2WC’s affinity for tales of time travel, so this was pretty much a guaranteed addition to the TV lineup from the moment NBC announced it (same goes for ABC’s forthcoming “Time After Time“). And I’m sure there’s no hidden messages/insinuations/connections to current affairs in the first two episodes in which we’ve visited the Hindenburg and Lincoln’s assassination. Time travel purists be warned, there are a few (fairly minor) violations of the whole space-time continuum thing…but I’m withholding judgment in hopes of some really great storytelling. Time will tell…

I admit, I was biased from the start because I usually love anything that Minnie Driver is a part of, and this show is no exception. A comedy centered around a family with a kid with cerebral palsy, could have gone horribly wrong in so many ways. “Speechless” is sweet, hilarious, smart, and downright delightful…

“The Good Place”
Again, I’ll admit my blind faith when it comes to Kristen Bell, but I’m telling you, “The Good Place,” really is that good. It’s a show about the afterlife that has managed to (so far) tell its story without making it about religion. Instead the focus is on common decency and just being nice to each other. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn a thing or two about ethics…


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  1. originalomc says:

    shouldn’t all religion be about being nice to one another???


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