american flagOkay everyone, I’d like to take a moment to take one big collective breath. Seriously, fill those lungs and then slowly exhale.


Probably not, but let’s move on anyway. Last night’s “debate,” was rough. 

I have no party loyalties, but in this particular election, there’s a clear difference between the two candidates, and an obvious superior choice. One candidate has made a career in politics, and actually prepared for the job (and last night’s debate). The other is Donald Trump.

Of course, both were guilty of saying things that were blatantly untrue and spinning questions to support their own agendas. Neither is squeaky clean, but I do believe there’s a clear and obvious better choice.

That being said, we live in a democracy, which means everyone is both entitled to having and voicing their own opinion. As depressing as some of the rhetoric and behavior of last night was, the most upsetting thing I’ve heard in regards to this election is that some are choosing not to vote.

So, in honor of National Voter Registration Day, I’m going to quickly share my two cents on choosing not to vote.

I cannot say this enough, not voting is voting. By choosing to refrain from casting a ballot one way or another, you’re voting for who ever wins. There is one big difference between voting by actually voting and voting by not voting. If you choose not to vote, you officially forfeit your right to complain about the outcome.

If you’re okay with that, well then that’s your choice. Just remember, that means not a peep for four to eight years.

More on the Story: PolitiFact.com

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    Agreed whole-heartedly…there are 4 candidates on most state ballots – do something radical like study their positions (if they have any…) and make an informed decision…


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