…expecto patronum

White Mare 3.png

Welcome to the weekend, crusaders, and what a magical weekend it is…

Knowing how professional/studious/and otherwise focused the 2WC audience is, I know it’s safe to presume that when Pottermore released its Patronus Charm feature earlier this week, you immediately headed over there and discovered your Patronus.


I’m sure you noticed my own majestic White Mare Patronus mid-frolic at the front end of this post.

If you’re lost right now, let me Lumos the situation for you. A Patronus is a magical guardian, summoned using the Patronus Charm. It’s the projection of all of your most positive feelings, and generally taking the form of an animal with which the conjurer shares the deepest affinity.

And yes, it’s a fictional spell from the magical world of Harry Potter, but that is not the point.

Is it silly? You could say that. (I will judge you…harshly.) But my dear crusaders, in this day and age, isn’t it nice, to have a little bit of silly, a touch of whimsy? Aren’t those moments of adversity made just a little bit more bearable by the promise of magic, pure positivity, and light?

Remember, the Patronus is not just an illuminated creature, but a defense charm against the darkness. In the book, it saves Harry and his friends from the soul-sucking kiss of the dementors. Here in the muggle world, it saves us from cynicism and the most tragic of all curses—a life without imagination.

Here’s to being the magical light in the darkness. Shine on Potterheads.

…bi-daily smile…

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