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The time has come, summer is slowly coming to a close and so too has our summer of blockbusters. Before we say goodbye to big-budget Hollywood and hello to art house flicks and Oscar contenders, it’s time to take stock of this summer’s flicks.

So, keeping with tradition, we’re sharing our final four cents on this summer’s highs and lows. You can read our final judgment below, and check out all our reviews here. Thanks for joining us!

Biggest Disappointment:

Zer: “Suicide Squad” — Hopefully someday soon DC will figure out how to create a compelling film. The cast was perfect, the hype was high, and the final product was a complete mess. Maybe next time they’ll focus on telling a good story instead of worrying about Marvel.

Stephanie: “Suicide Squad” —Dear, dear DC. We want you to succeed. We really do. I promise. It’s been a rough few rounds of films for the universe that’s home to such comic legends—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (to name a few). I echo the sentiments of Zer. It’s time to stop focusing on competing with Marvel and start focusing on the story.

Biggest Surprise:

Zer: “Alice Through the Looking Glass” — 2010’s live-action “Alice in Wonderland” was one of those films that was really pretty, but didn’t do much beyond its aesthetic appeal. Which is why I sent into “Looking Glass” with fairly low expectations, and was blown away. Alice was fiercer, the story was tighter, and the characters were better. It was a welcome addition to this summer’s lineup.

Stephanie: “Pete’s Dragon” —When it was announced that “Pete’s Dragon” would be Disney’s next live-action reimagining, I wasn’t sure what to expect. While the original was “a bit” before my time, I was familiar with its fun, but mediocre reputation (and “Candle on the Water”). The final result is anything but mediocre, and a truly brilliant adaptation of the story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll go hunting for dragons…

Best Villain:

Zer: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad” — I know, I didn’t see this one coming either. Technically, within the context of the film, Ms. Quinn is not a villain, but we’ll let that slide. The movie may have severely let us down, but Ms. Robbie, as the amazing Harley Quinn, did not. She was a bright spot, in an otherwise dark and dreadful film.

Stephanie: Karl Urban as Gavin in “Pete’s Dragon” — I admit Gavin isn’t truly a villain. This movie doesn’t really have a “villain” in the true sense of the word…and that’s exactly why I chose it. Menacingly evil villains aren’t just boring, they paint the world in black and white, and can foster a “them vs. us” mentality that’s not only predictable, it’s dangerous. Gavin is rash, and makes poor choices in an effort to prove himself, but he’s not irredeemable or heartless and the distinction is important.

Best Performance:

Zer: The entire cast of “Star Trek Beyond” — I realize this may seem like a bit of cop-out, but hear me out. This is the third film in this series reboot, it would be easy (and somewhat understandable) for this amazing ensemble of actors to start phoning it in. The characters feel just as fresh and more dynamic than the first two films, which is incredibly rare. I left this film eager to see what comes next.

Stephanie: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon in “Ghostbusters” —From the moment this movie was announced it was faced with (idiotic) resistance from a very loud (often rude) group of fans whose childhood happiness was apparently completely defined by the original “Ghostbusters.” From the moment this movie started, I no longer cared. The chemistry and comedic talent of these four ladies is incredible and far more impressive than any of the empty objections to the film from fanboys.

Best Picture:

Zer: “Ghostbusters” — This one wasn’t really difficult. While there were several strong contenders, the ladies in this reboot rocked it this summer. In spite of all the “controversy” leading up to the film’s release, they proved that they can be just as funny and bad-ass as their male counterparts.

Stephanie: “Finding Dory — I have to give Pixar some love for this near-perfect sequel. There were a thousand and one ways this could have gone wrong, but they nailed it. It would have been easy to coast on the great moments from “Nemo” and it would have sat well with the young-uns. But both “Dory” stands on its own and completes the “Nemo” story in a way that will bring tears to your eyes, as Pixar is apt to do.

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    cancel my plans for the Suicide Squad theme park…


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