…raise a glass

xhamiltonposter-pagespeed-ic-guootjy1uhThis What to Watch Wednesday, we face the end of an era, crusaders…

Don’t panic, it’s not “Hamilton.” That show still has enough buzz to carry it through the foreseeable future…and it’s well-deserved. No, today we say goodbye to the token of fan appreciation that became an incredible extension of this incredible show—The #Ham4Ham Lottery Shows.

For those unfamiliar, the shows which take place outside the stage door of the Richard Rodgers Theater ahead of select performances of “Hamilton” and were meant as a thank you for fans there participating in the #Ham4Ham lottery. To be clear, the lottery, which gives away a select number of tickets for $10 each (get it?) ahead of every “Hamilton” performance, is not ending.

The #Ham4Ham shows featured stars of stage and screen and quickly became Internet sensations and nearly shut down the surrounding streets on more than a few occassions. But what stuck me most about these incredible gifts were what they represent. They are the embodiment of one of the show’s many missions—bringing theater to the community, all of them. And the show has not ruled out their return (and we may get a few digital #Ham4Hams). Still, the end of an era deserves a moment of respect. So, thank you, #Ham4Ham. It’s been a wild ride.

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