…Be Bad

bad-momsThe title of directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s summer flick, “Bad Moms” pretty much says it all, but not in the way you might think.

It’s yet another film that defies the stereotype that a female dominated cast can’t survive at the summer box office, while tackling a few other societal assumptions along the way.

Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is your average mom, meaning she does everything. From working part time (which is actually fulltime) to taking care of her kids, dog, and husband, she’s her family’s go to for everything, until she hits her breaking point. 

It’s at this point she decides to be a bad mom. Which it turns out, is a human being who does things for herself every once in a while instead of just taking care of everyone else.

What ensues is a series of montages including a hilarious, drunken trip to the grocery store which might be the best part of the film. Things go south for a while, but in the end, life reaches a happy balance.

It’s nothing incredibly new. It’s a funny film, that goes a little too far at some points, but makes its point pretty clearly—it’s impossible to be a perfect mom. That and the expectations placed on women by society are far from realistic. 

It’s a fun and funny film with a terrific cast and an important point to make.

…just for fun:

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