…Want S’More


Welcome to day 5 of the Rio Olympics, which also happens to be National S’More Day.

This favorite of campfire desserts provides the perfect backdrop for an ongoing issue in this summer’s Olympics—female athlete coverage.

While the issues have improved (slightly) the mindset behind the “slip ups” has not been magically cured. From calling  Katie Ledecky the lady version of Michael Phelps to saying the gold medal gymnastics team looks like they, “might as well be at the mall,” it’s been a frustrating start to the games.  

While most of the comments seem harmless enough, and most likely weren’t intended to be sexist, it doesn’t change the fact that they represent that sportscasters still haven’t quite caught up with the times. Not knowing that it’s wrong, doesn’t make it okay. 

It stands out even more when the US women are expected to bring home more medals than the men. So, in honor of the holiday, why don’t we give the many talented ladies in the summer’s Olympics what they deserve– s’more respect.  

More on the Story: Wall Street Journal

…just for fun:

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