…go for it


This What to Watch Wednesday, we are t-minus 2 (ish) days until the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies, people, this is not a drill…

Of course, I know it’s safe to assume that as a highly intelligent member of the Crusade community, you will be watching. Not just because of these adorable mascots, Vinicius and Tom:

But because as an involved member of society, you know the significance of these rare but unifying moments. Where even though the Russians may have cheated, and the Brazilians may have not finished all of the stadiums quite as early as they hoped, and I could go on, but it would get really depressing very quickly…you know that these moments are important and need to be cherished and supported.

So, Friday night, tune in, savor the unity, and support Team USA (although if you’re a business who isn’t shelling enough money to be an official sponsor, you might not want to tweet about it…but that’s a post for another day).

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    let’s hope that our lassies and laddies representing their country of domicile do well in these quadrennial competitions of athletic stylings in a land in the southern hemisphere where they speak Portuguese and keep their mouths closed when swimming in the bay…I don’t think I violated any of their rules…


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