…Take Aim

pistol-emoji_custom-c6cc2806e5b210876f035543fe3c4c62acdec1c5-s800-c85It’s official, the powers that be are coming for our guns. Before you start citing your Second Amendment rights, I should clarify.

The powers that be in this case is Apple, and the guns they’re confiscating are of the emoji variety.

So you can rest easy. Your “right” to bear arms is safe for now.

That being said, this emoji style change is still kind of a big deal.

While it doesn’t change any laws, it sends a pretty clear message on where Apple stands in the great gun debate. And if you think Apple doesn’t hold that much influence over the debate, I have over 1 billion reasons you’re wrong. That’s how many active Apple devices there are in the world.

While they don’t all eat, sleep and breath the gospel of Apple, they’ll notice the change. Maybe some of them might think about it, or even talk about it.

It starts a discussion, or joins the existing one. What that discussion is, well, we’ll see. Either way, people will be talking about it…and we get the sweet water gun emoji we didn’t even know we wanted.


More on the Story: NPR

…just for fun:

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    I’m assuming I just missed the NRA’s call for a boycott of Apple…


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