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rnc_2016_1_rgb_1450144543It’s official, the Republican Party has named its presidential nominee, and there weren’t any shocking plot twists.

In other words, barring him turning down the nomination, we’ll get to see Donald Trump take on the Democrats’ nominee in not one, not two, but three debates this fall.

Okay, I’ll admit, the fact that Trump has managed to secure the Republican nomination is a bit terrifying. That being said, it’s a reality now, so why not try to enjoy it.

Although, I am getting a bit ahead of myself. After all, today is only day two of the Republican National Convention, and after today there’s still two more whole days to go. Trump isn’t even expected to give is acceptance speech until Thursday.

Of course, day one of the Trump Show…I mean the RNC had its fair share of…shall we call them highlights? The most talked about being the alleged plagiarism in Melania Trump’s speech—seven percent of which matched nearly word for word parts of a speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2008 DNC.

First of all, let me say I think Mrs. Trump delivered the speech beautifully, and probably had nothing to do with the plagiarism. That being said, it’s hard to believe that none of the speech writers involved had any knowledge of the fact that those words were lifted from an existing speech. Arguments that 93 percent of the speech was original doesn’t mean much. Plagiarism is plagiarism, even if it’s only seven percent of the words on the page.

Even worse, for the Trump Pence campaign, it paints a less than flattering picture of a candidate who to many already seemed far less than honest.

At the end of the day mine is just another opinion among many others, and you’ll have to decide what you think for yourself. However depressing and infuriating it may seem, try to catch some of the RNC over the next few days. To echo Stephanie’s sentiments from yesterday, this stuff is important.

Part of making an informed decision is understanding what the other side stands for and what they believe. Even if they don’t win this November, those voices will still be there. Blocking out the other side, or writing them off completely is a sure way to keep both sides from moving forward. So, take a few minutes. Put your personal prejudices aside, and see what the other side is saying. Some of it may surprise you.

More on the Story: NY Times

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  1. originalomc says:

    it’s the first time I can recall a family reunion and a political convention being held together….

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