rnc_2016_1_rgb_1450144543Crusaders, today I have to ask you to do something for me. For many of you, it will not be easy, but I’m going to ask you to try. For the good of us all, please watch the Republican National Convention.

I know many of you can barely handle the thought of the Republican nominee that is (in his own words), “more humble than you can understand.”

I will not specify on my political leanings here (although you could probably guess), but regardless of your party loyalties, the truth is, he is quite possibly the next President of the United States, and knowing what he is and stands for is an important part of making an informed decision come November.

Plus, you’ll look way smarter this week when you’re discussing this at school/work/etc.

But seriously, there’s a trend today (that’s come from convenience) of skimming the news, which is great for some things. It’s time to full on pay attention to this. Tune in, listen up, make a completely informed and educated decision. We can discuss later. (Heads up, next week it’s the Democrat’s turn.)

Quartz: Stephen Colbert crashed the Republican National Convention, insulted Trump, and got escorted off stage 

…bi-daily smile…




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  1. Aileen says:

    We watched. Time will tell. We pray for our country and trust in God that the best person wins.

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  2. originalomc says:

    heads, Satan…tails, Beelzebub…

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