…be honored

220px-the_68th_annual_primetime_emmy_awards_posterHappy Emmy Nominations day!

In the coming months (two until the awards on September 18), we’ll speculate, bemoan the snubs, and predict the winners, but today (as the saying goes), it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Am I a little stunned that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” was ignored in key categories? Yes (Especially since Rachel Bloom won the Golden Globe), but today I’ll celebrate that Ellie Kemper, who was ignored by the Globes for her lead role in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” got a much-deserved nod from the Emmys.

And sure, it blows my mind that after ignoring “The Walking Dead” franchise (outside of the effects and makeup categories), the Emmys nominated “Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462” as an “Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series.” For those not familiar, it’s a short spinoff series that ran during the commercials of “The Walking Dead” spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead,” which is entertaining enough, but vastly inferior to the original series…in my humble opinion. But, today, I’ll revel in the fact that “The Talking Dead” did warrant a nod. With the graphic deaths that happen on that show it should get it’s own category—televised therapy.

Does it make sense that “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” got nominated for writing, but not “Outstanding Variety Talk Series.” No, but to be fair that category was already filled up the white dudes (love them all, but it’s true) on late night, so there wasn’t any room left.

But today is for honoring the honored, not questioning the forgotten. So congratulations to all. I’ll be back.

…bi-daily smile…

Just because.

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