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5pikachuHappy Tuesday, Crusaders!

Today, an education and intervention (all in one convenient post!).

Unless your Facebook newsfeed is in a hole, you’ve likely felt like you’re living in a time warp over the last few days as (sometimes) adorable, whimsical creatures of the 90s came storming back into our lives with Pokémon Go.

For those who have not been acquainted with this revived phenomenon, I think the New York Times summed it up quite nicely with this: Where Pokémon Should Not Go

Beyond my own annoyance at seeing it everywhere online, the revival really has gotten out of hand, with fans catching Pokémon on private property, memorial sites, and generally inappropriate places to be hunting Pokémon.

So, in an effort to stop this before it gets truly out of hand, some distraction: It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Yes, it’s a holiday invented by Chick-Fil-A 12 years ago to promote chicken sandwiches, but just look at what it’s become, and most importantly, notice the lack of Pokémon.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    so now the hipsters are wandering the streets, museums and Holocaust memorials staring at their phones in search of a cartoon character from their childhood…kind of making the baby boomers somehow seem less self-centered…


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