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2000px-us-senate-unofficialaltgreatseal-svgYesterday (and the wee hours of this morning) was a great day for political dorks.

Lovers of the finer points of our legislative system got to flex their muscles as we all sat back and watched a real life filibuster…not that the real-life-ness stopped anyone from harking back to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” or that classic filibuster scene from the latest season of “Scandal.” (That’s not snark, it was a great episode.)

If nothing else, the fact that a filibuster maintained the attention of Twitter amidst the reveal of T Swift’s latest beau and Trump’s latest idiotic statement is impressive and encouraging.

That and the fact that after 15+ hours of standing and talking (with occasional guest appearances from fellow Democrats asking “questions”) Senator Christopher S. Murphy was able to get the votes (well an agreement to hold the votes) on two gun control amendments. Whether or not this is the same renewed interest we see after every mass-shooting, the frequency of which is infuriating and tragic) or a move in the right direction (one of actual change) remains to be seen, but for the moment it felt like action.

So today, I’m taking a moment to appreciate this bizarre, random, fantastic fictional plot point, that occasionally shows up in real life, piece of our nation’s government. Here’s hoping it leads to real change.

NYT: Senator’s 15-Hour Filibuster Gains ‘Path Forward’ on Gun Control Measures

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    I’m leaning towards nothing changes…


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