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cjtq9b9uoaao2ht-crop-promovar-mediumlargeToday, as we approach the end of another (albeit short) week, it seems the right time for a serious discussion about selfies.This week, Sugar Land, Texas, took some social heat over a new statue in the town, which depicts two young women taking a selfie (pictured left). Needless to say, humanity was outraged.

Today, I ask you: Who are we mad at? The statue? Or ourselves, for becoming people who have taken enough selfies that a town has memorialized it.

Okay, some people were legitimately, momentarily upset at the thought that tax payers funded this statue…which turns out not to be the case. The statue is one of ten, donated along with 9 other statues that depict frequent activities around the square where it stands.

I think it’s time we accept the fact that we are “those people.” Don’t be mad at the statue…although the choice of having two young women represent the act of all selfie takers seems a bit strange. (Boys, you can take selfies too, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) But to call it offensive is a gross overstatement.

Could many of us learn to be more self aware when we’re taking selfies, and perhaps more aware of our surrounding, if for no other reason than our own safety and that of those around us? Yes. But it’s time we admit that selfies are a part of who we are now. And if we don’t like what we see in the selfie statue, perhaps it’s time we all take a look in the mirror (and resist the urge to snap a pic).

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  1. originalomc says:

    just an observation that the statue bears a slight resemblance to the Crusaders…


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