…Ham It Up


Untitled design (21)Happy National Burger Day!

Not to be confused with National Cheeseburger Day (which is September 18th), this day is dedicated to the unofficial national sandwich of the US of A.

Which on the surface might sound like a horrible statement on the state of our nation’s nutritional habits, but lets take a second and break down this classic dish.

First we have the bun, which to the no-carbers is a no-go, but actually does have some nutritional value. If you get fancy with your bun choice (whole wheat, maybe?), it can be borderline healthy.

Next, we have the classic toppings lettuce and tomato. That’s a green and a fruit. At this point its practically a salad. Add a pickle or two and you can check off a box for veggies too.

And now we arrive at the meat of the sandwich (literally). While a diet built on red meat alone is not a healthy one, there are some benefits to having some in your diet. Plus, you can always swap it out for a turkey burger.

Of course, nutritional value aside, it’s okay to indulge now and then. And what better excuse is there to have a burger? It is National Burger Day and Memorial Day weekend after all.


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  1. originalomc says:

    health be damned…a big, juicy burger is a great (occasional) treat!!!


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