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edgar_degas_-_the_millinery_shop_-_google_art_projectHappy Derby Day!

It’s a day for hats, horses, mint juleps, and the beginning of the few weeks of the year when I pay attention to horse racing.

I know what you’re thinking. American Pharoah won the Triple Crown last year, why even bother? What are the odds of that happening again?

edgar_degas_-_before_the_race_-_walters_37850And I believe you just answered your own question. How exciting would it be to witness back-to-back Triple Crown champs after a 30+ year drought.

Also, the Derby is really all about the hats, and the fanfare…which pretty much sums up my fascination with horse racing in general. I love the ceremony, it’s a throwback to another era.

Plus, in what other post could I relevantly include Degas paintings with hats and horses, plus a bonus “My Fair Lady” clip. It’s truly a cultural treat.

And Red Wings fans, the Derby favorite, Nyquist, is named after one of your team’s players. Won’t it be nice to root for something tangentially related to your team? I mean, sure there are hockey fans who can still root for their actual teams, but a Derby horse is fun too.

And in conclusion, let’s go Blues!

Washington Post: A year after we finally got a Triple Crown winner, are we ready for another?

People: Mint Juleps, Hats and Horses! 5 Things to Know About the Kentucky Derby

…bi-daily smile…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aileen says:

    What an exciting race. Nyquist was beauty in motion. He is a prime candidate for the Triple Crown!


  2. originalomc says:

    Nice shot at Red Wings fans, Steph – almost didn’t see it coming…


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