…pensar antes de hablar


1280px-Flag_of_MexicoHappy Cinco de Mayo!

Per tradition (see its 2015 origins here), I would like to once again open this Cinco de Mayo post by reminding people of my incredibly German and Irish ancestry, and I’ll add to that the fact that I took five years of French, so if the title is incorrect, blame Google translate.

Given that today is a Mexican holiday, I thought it made sense to take a moment to show some love for our southern neighbors. You know, because it’s a Mexican holiday and for no other reason…

That was sarcasm, people. This eternal presidential campaign has claimed many victims featuring some unforgivable prejudices perpetuated by a would-be leader of the free world (which makes the proposed wall an ironic statement in addition to its ridiculousness), and Mexico has been a particular favorite topic of conversation (in the worst way).

So, while you enjoy your tacos and tequila, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the culture that made today possible. It is a nation with troubles yes, but it’s one with history and traditions and people not deserving of the bile being spewed in the name of politics.

Have a very happy Cinco de Mayo, be safe, and be smart.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    your title is correct…I’m pretty sure the subject of your blog doesn’t ever follow your advice…


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