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running shoesHappy Marathon Monday!

Today marks the 12oth running of the Boston Marathon. It’s a day that has long had a special place in Boston and the running community, but in the last three years has grown to symbolize so much more.

The race has always symbolized endurance, strength, and determination, but the events of 2013 made it even clearer how important events like the Boston Marathon are.

It’s an event that has always brought together the Boston community, and runners from around the world. Even for non-runners (or Bostonians) it has always inspired greatness. Whether that greatness is achieved by running 26.2 miles, supporting those who do, or simply doing something to make the world a little brighter.

See and that’s the secret about running, it’s not really about the races. Sure, most of us are crazy competitive and want to run our best times on race day. But it’s about more than that. It’s about the community, and the sense that you’re making yourself (and maybe by extension, the world) a better place.

I like to think that spirit shines through, even to those who haven’t experienced the running community first hand. It inspires us all to try to be our best selves.

On that sentimental note, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Marathon Monday.

Congrats to all those running today, and good luck to all those who aspire to be better!

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  1. originalomc says:

    running is a disease…once infected, it doesn’t ever leave the body…


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