This What to Watch Wednesday, television fans find themselves awaiting another season finale for “The Walking Dead,” and per usual, things are tense.

As a fan of this show, you grow accustomed to the constant tension, and one of the many incredible things that they do is not make that doom tedious. For those unfamiliar (Welcome to the year 2016! It’s nice to have you), the show takes place in the zombie apocalypse, people are either dying at the mouths of walkers (zombies) or at the hands of other humans.

It’s a dark show, to say the least, and one that’s horribly under-appreciated come award season, but I digress. People who don’t watch the show have reasonable concerns, mainly, how could anyone possibly enjoy a show that centers around so much sadness and death?

Today I thought I’d answer that question:

  1. Incredible storytelling: A story about zombies could have gotten tired very quickly, but at its heart, the show is really about humans and how we behave in extreme circumstances.
  2. The zombies are awesome: And in this case I mean the effects are awesome and always upping the ante. Six seasons in the effects and stunts are mind blowing (sometimes literally).
  3. Hope: This goes back to my first point a bit, but this world has very little despair. To be blunt, there’s no time to be all “woe is me” in the zombie apocalypse, and the story doesn’t dwell on such thoughts for too long. After one painfully slow season (you know which one I’m talking about), the show moves at a clip much faster than the zombies our heroes are trying to avoid.
  4. And in conclusion: Zombies. You either love them or hate them.


…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    as one of America’s leading nerds, I want to watch the show, I want to like the show, but I just haven’t made the time…I’m so ashamed…I stand no chance during the Zombie apocalypse because I have failed to do my research…


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