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zootopia-movie-posterSet in a world where predators and prey have learned to peacefully co-exist, Disney’s “Zootopia,” couldn’t be more relevant.

With “Zootopia,” Disney continues to push the envelope for animated films. Yes, it’s set in a world filled with friendly lions, fluffy bunnies, and chubby cheetahs, but the themes it explores, and the lessons it teaches are far from the fluff once associated with animated films.

The alternate reality of Zootopia shares a lot of similarities with the one we all inhabit. While on the surface everyone seems to live in harmony, hidden prejudices and bias threaten to disrupt the very fabric of society.

Centered around the tiny, but determined rabbit, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a recent police academy grad, and the first rabbit to join the force. Hopps is eager to prove herself, but is sentenced to parking ticket duty due to her size. Not happy with the situation, she literally puts her career on the line when she promises to solve a cold case within 48 hours.

With the reluctant help of the ethically ambiguous Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), she’s able to crack the case wide open. However, while fielding questions from the press, a well-meaning Hopps feeds an existing fear and mistrust between prey and predators, and sets of a nearly cataclysmic series of events.

Surprisingly deep and thought-provoking, “Zootopia,” showcases the dangers of acting based on assumptions, prejudice, and fear. Which is incredibly pertinent to the world we all currently occupy. The message it imparts is nothing we haven’t heard before, but maybe the fluffy bunny and adorable citizens of Zootopia will help it sink in.

…just for fun:


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  1. OMC says:

    the best Disney movies have always spoken to adults while entertaining children…

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